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UPDATE 7/15/11
That update that was coming soon? Yeah... It's taking way too long.

Ok, essentially to sum things up I am trying to make Furmentation a Self-Hosted thing. Over a year ago I bought my own website and registered the www.projectsdonewright.com domain. Under this site I have set up several sites for various projects including Furmentation. I've been fiddling around with Wordpress in an attempt to create something decent, and back in March I finally started transferring the Furmentation Archive over to the new site.

So what does this mean? Well here's a short list:
~ Furmentation has a new site located here
~ This old site will remain until ComicGenesis boots it, but it will no longer be updated... probably.
~ The entire archive will be reposted to the new site, doing one comic a day until all of them have been transferred.
~ Once all the comics are transferred I will be in a position to start working on making new ones.
~ The new site will now allow folks to share the comics they like on social networking site.
~ Readers will now be able to leave comments on the comics they read.
~ There will be no more Comic Genesis ads on the comic.
~ There is now a FaceBook fan page for Furmentation to keep you updated via your FB feeds.

Somewhere down the road I also hope to release the second Furmentation Book "Of Hamsters and Demons", but I have no set dates for this yet. Furmentation has always been a hobby, and when it starts to feel like an unpaid job, it starts getting harder to keep going. So please drop by the new site and leave a comment of encouragement. I'll greatly appreciate it =^_^=


UPDATE 2/10/09
Update coming soon.


TODAY's COMIC 3/7/08
Admit it, this has happened to you at some point.


NEWS 3/7/08
So, it occurs to me that I didn't do a con report on WTHCon. So here's a link to my livejournal where I posted a short series of photos that I took of the convention

The only photo I didn't get posted to that blog was one of myself. So here's a pic of what I wore to the convention on Saturday, and what I was wearing when I was sold for $115 at the Geek Auction.


UPDATES 3/3/08
Lots of site changes underway. As you can see, the main page has been updated to include a new look. It's a little more condensed, for the moment at least. I rebuilt it using div tags and CSS. The huge ungodly table I had been using is gone, which is a welcomed relief. If nothing else, the site will be easier to adjust here on out.

The rest of the site will be undergoing a similar change soon as I rebuild their pages off of this base. Expect more details before the month is out.


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